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Bell tents

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Tipi tents

Bell tents

Glamping bell tents are waterproof, yet breathable and comfortable for all weather conditions. We have equipped the tents with carpets, which create a special coziness, and all the necessary equipment for a comfortable overnight stay for 2-5 people.  

We highly value quality standards, therefore we entrust equipment washing and ironing services to industry professionals who use the world's leading lines.

Each event has its own needs and specifics, which we take into account when developing a personalized offer, in which we introduce each customer to the sizes, quantities and equipment of various bell tents, as well as inform about additional options, such as outdoor lighting, etc. It is possible to choose the most suitable number and arrangement of tents for the needs of each event. 

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Tipi tents

We are pleased to introduce you with Tipi tents- unique construction and excellent quality event tents made in Sweden. The trees used in their construction come from the harsh natural conditions of the Scandinavian forests, laboratory tested to be designed for excellent durability. Likewise, every detail in the construction of the tent has been thought out down to the smallest nuances, creating excellent performance and opportunities not only in construction, but also in ease of use. 

Their design is seductive and self-confident that the tent itself is like an accessory for a great event. 

The possibilities provided by Tipi tents are so wide that it is possible to adapt to the needs of every event, for example, under one Tipi tent it is possible to place 50-60 people at tables, but by connecting several Tipi tents, you can get an area that can fit 130+ people freely. 

For rent, we also offer comfortable tables and chairs to be placed under the Tipi tents, it is also possible to fit a dance floor, a bar area, attach a tent for cooking, install heating, suitable lighting for your event and, of course, place various decorations. 

The tent area can be supplemented with wind-retaining wall panels, as well as the lifting sides can serve various needs in use. 

Tipi tents are ideal for weddings in a narrow circle or for birthday celebrations, as well as for the needs of large-scale corporate and presentation events, all you have to do is choose the most appropriate solution and package. 

The construction of a tipi tent may require an inspection of the site before the planned event, as well as careful planning, such as lighting, tables, dance floors, etc. for the placement plan, which we agree together and adapt to the needs of each event.  

We are happy to offer Tipi tents for purchase as well. To learn more about their options, specifications and pricing, please contact us.